"Hockey isn't just a Game, it's a International event that brings pride and joy to your face"

Introduction to SPORT TRAVEL

WELCOME to SPORT TRAVEL, Switzerland, featuring International Hockey Tours to Europe. Let us be a part of making your dream come true in helping you plan "YOUR TRIP OF A LIFETIME" to EUROPE filled with unforgettable memories.

Sport Travel has been organizing customized Europe Hockey Tours for Teams since 1993. If you are planning a Europe Hockey Tour and your interest is to play in a Tournament combined with exhibition games or a Travel Tour which is only exhibition games, we can customize your trip to be a Lifetime experience. Whether your team is AAA – AA – A – AE - MD – House or Old-timers, Male or Female, we here at Sport Travel have Tournaments and Teams in all Levels that we work together with in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and many other Countries. Sport Travel is a Family Company with Jack, Christina, Susanna, Caroline and Christoffer. We also act as Sport Travel representatives on our Tours along with other Reps. that we have, all speaking English and other languages which is required for our Tour Representatives.

Jack and Christoffer on the Toronto Hockey Expo.

jack holmesJACK HOLMES, Canadian
* Owner of Sport Travel since 1993, lives in both Switzerland and Sweden
* Experienced in organizing tours for all levels in Europe
* Played Junior Hockey in his hometown Flin Flon, Manitoba with the
Bombers, Winnipeg Braves, Notre Dame Hounds. Played Pro in Des
Moines Oak leafs and Toledo Blades
* Played Pro Hockey in Sweden 7 years
* Coached Pro Hockey in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland
* Former Head Coach of Youth Clubs in Switzerland
* Former Coach of the Swiss Junior National Team in Group A
* Fluent in English, Swedish and German
* Has extreme contacts with clubs, coaches, managers throughout Europe
* Knowledge of European Tournaments and exhibition game levels for teams
* Works together with Tournaments and Clubs all over Europe and organizes special
Tournaments for teams at all levels and ages

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